He fell in love with me, out of habit

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He used to have his breakfast a bit further than the lawn at the edge of the countryside to say ‘good morning’ ; Yes, he used to wake up at dawn to watch my sky turning from pink to blue ; He used to say that the clouds over here are not the same than in his country ; They have this touch of grey even on a bright blue background as if they would explode at anytime into a heavy shower ;

He used to punt into my quiet waters, and moor to a sunny bank to read the Tempest ; Yes, he used to lie along the River Cam and watch tenderly the willow leaves brushing against algae ;

He loved when I would tell him tales about his favorite places even whether they weren’t all true ; The Bridge of Sighs of Saint John’s College which has seen an Austin dangling underneath it ; The Eagle Pub where that 28th February 1953 Watson and Crick announced “We have discovered the Secret of Life! » alluding to the DNA  ; The Mathematical Bridge of Queens’ College supposedly built by Sir Isaac Newton without the use of nuts or bolts ; he loved my stories… ;

He would listen almost religiously when I depicted to him the Graduation ceremony or even the Formal Dinner but then, he could barely keep still when I was telling him about the May Ball and the Suicide Sunday ;

He used to go out late at night to look up at the stars from his backyard and wish ‘sweet dreams’ ; And right in the middle of parachute balls barely lightened by the moonlight, he almost felt weightless in this deep quietness ; he really loved going for a walk in that dandelion field nearby his little white house in Clare Hall ;

He used to stretch his palm to stroke the flora on the side of roads while cycling along lurking paths through the Backs ; he used to cycle without hands, head raised and eyes wide open, enjoying the sun on his face between branches and leaves;

He was impressed by the harmony between the nature and the culture here below ; he often stopped to see the playbills tethered to the rusty wire fence with bikes : ‘Mendelssohn and the Philharmonic Orchestra’ at King’s Chapel, ‘Darwin & Endless Forms’ exhibition at Fitzwilliam Museum, or ‘Romeo and Juliet’ played in the Downing College gardens ;

He once attended a church service at the King’s Chapel… Entranced by the holy voice of the chorus chanting psalms in Latin, and rising up to the majestic vault of the edifice ; An outstanding experience, he said ;

But after the prayer, the sin… ; He was systematically drooling over the window of Fitzbillies bakery, staring at the cupcakes and others sweet pleasures ; He finally tasted a cream scone with jam in a traditional tea room ; Another day, he went for a piece of carrot cake with cinnamon orange tea at The Orchard Garden ; « Grantchester! Ah, Grantchester! There’s peace and holy quiet there » as Rupert Brooke wrote ;

When it was pouring down (and he wasn’t outside, struggling in the wind with an umbrella on his bike …), he used to stop his lab work to look at the rain from the break room of the Institute, savoring a hot chocolate ;

He used to wander in my empty streets in weekdays, quite serene and pretty happy ; He was always smiling, enjoying the time together ; He used to flatter me days and nights in front of everyone ; He could have spent his last day in London, but he decided to stay beside me ; He went to the Market Square to make up a picnic: meat onion pie, whole wheat bread, Gloucester cheese, Red Leicester, fresh strawberries, farm apple juice… ; Then he cycled along the River Cam, passing the coloured houseboats: the Troll, the Merchant, the Barkley, the Eleanor, the Hornblower…and finally sat in the meadow grass of Midsummer Common, because he used to say that it was wilder among cows and more charming than Jesus Green ;

Obviously, he fell under my spell but I have to say that I have been charmed as well by the way he was talking about me ;

In the crowded train to Paris, a free seat next to him ; I could hear him whispering “As if someone was missing…”.


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